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"Imagine! has saved more than $130,000 annually by using MedSupport®.  For every dollar spent on MedSupport®, Imagine! has saved $15.50.  Even better, these cost savings occurred without a drop in services.  In fact, it has dramatically reduced medication errors, particularly errors of omission." Imagine!

MedSupport® for Providers

CaraSolva CareSupport® DemonstrationMedSupport® is a secure Internet-based eMAR and medication scheduler that will simplify your daily tasks, reduce medication errors, reduce your labor costs, and increase staff accountability.

Our subscription based service means you have no need for expensive hardware or software licensing. And you get free 24/7 Technical Support and software updates

MedSupport® for Pharmacies

CaraSolva’s PharmacySupport Module moves demographics and new medications, refills and discontinued orders, in real-time, between your pharmacy system and MedSupport® at your customer facility.

PharmacySupport eliminates the need to print and physically distribute MAR's. Medication changes are reflected immediately on your customers' MAR's, and they always match yours. Any changes made to a medication order in MedSupport® trigger an email notification to you.  Our interface compliments automated dispensing machines (ADM), and our open HL7 interface allows the use of other eMAR systems.

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