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Electronic Medical Administration Records (eMar)

CaraSolva's eMar is designed to save your company money, reduce medication errors, and have an easily accessed set of historical records to draw upon when needed.

Electronic Medical Administration Records (eMar)

An Electronic Medical Administration Record (eMar) is the electronic version of a medical administration record (MAR). Medical Administration Records are written documentation of the medications and treatments a client has received, and who administered each medication on any given day. The caregiver is required to sign his or her name at the bottom of the MAR (or eMar) as an authentication that they administered medications to the client during that month. Traditionally these MARs have been hand-written by nurses or hard copy printed by pharmacies and then physically distributed to remote locations. Hard Copy printing MARs costs money for pre-printed forms, ink, high speed printer maintenance, Med Tech maintenance time, vehicle gas and delivery time.
The benefits of moving to CaraSolva’s MedSupport electronic medical administration record (eMar) include:

1. MedSupport’s Electronic Medical Administration Records (eMars) save money because there is no need to copy and distribute them by hand.

2. Your client eMars can be securely and quickly shared with those in the care chain (nurses, doctors, family members), allowing them to be better informed about the care being provided.

3. Using eMars can significantly reduce medical errors by eliminating handwriting legibility issues, and can be verified by multiple parties more quickly than paper MARs.

4. Errors in medical administration can be more quickly detected and resolved with MedSupport’s email and text alert system.

5. Your Clients’ eMars can be instantly and securely transferred from one doctor to another, which makes it easier to coordinate care among multiple care providers.

6. It is easier to protect eMar data with MedSupport’s password protected login than it is to protect data in a filing cabinet.

7. The data stored in the eMar can be exported into other documentation, which allows more flexible use of the data to interpret viability of a treatment or medication.

8. Monthly eMars for your clients are stored over long periods in a secure centralized location, and can easily be called up as needed.

9. Electronic signatures are automatically inserted onto the eMar (as with MedSupport) when a caregiver adds something to the record, reducing the need to track down employees to sign the MAR at the end of the month. And electronic signatures have the same legal status as hand-written signatures.

10. Events on the eMAR are timestamped and can be tracked.

While an eMar system will not completely eliminate human error, our software allows you to better manage your clients and employees , maintain secure records over long time periods, and compile and analyze data to better understand how to care for your clients. The CaraSolva eMAR allows you to reduce cost and improve quality.

And to reduce human error, we offer a comprehensive TrainingSupport program customizable to your specific needs. Our most popular training product is the annual subscription, which allows your employees to train (and retrain if necessary) anytime, anywhere. The automated training eliminates the cost of paying someone to conduct ongoing eMar training. You have access to trainee examination scores through an administrative login, and you are also given a specific number of seats in our 1-day System Administrator training conducted by CaraSolva training staff.