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Caregivers follow the “5-Rs” procedures with MedSupport®. Standard MAR symbology is also used on the digital MAR, limiting the amount of training necessary on the computer.

  • Saves between 16-18 hours a month per nurse in review time*
  • Decreases overall medication errors by 33-40%, reduces omission errors by 64%*
  • Alerts are received within minutes of the time tolerance set in the application, allowing nurses to respond quickly to an emergency or critical issue

*Data was independently compiled by facilities who have been using MedSupport for 2 years.


Nursing in long-term care and community-based non-skilled facilities is truly a unique and rewarding field. Due to the nature of long-term care, many nurses servicing these populations face distinct challenges such as remotely training caregivers and monitoring the quality of service.

Hours can be spent monitoring, verifying and rectifying orders to medical administration records, wasting precious time that can be spent advocating, leading and giving direct care to the community. CaraSolva understands these unique challenges and endeavors to improve nursing functions through its comprehensive suite of products—CareSupport®, MedSupport® and PharmacySupport.

Benefits Features
Get more work/time balance Web-based 24/7 application allows you to access the application on the road or from your home computer
Reduce monthly and quarterly MAR review processes MedSupport® combined with the pharmacy interface allow the medication orders to always be reviewed and up to date—there is no longer the need for lengthy end-of-month MAR reviews or quarterly reconciling of orders
Real-time Caregiver Prompting System Caregivers work from a nurse defined, standard schedule, reducing omission errors
Color coded prompting system The color coded visual clues combined with the simple click-once access to information make the prompting system easy to use for staff that are either computer illiterate or use English as a second language
Address accountability with staff and manage quality of service CareSupport® allows nurses and management to customize alerts and be alerted to critical issues—receive the alerts via email or cell phone
Reduce staff training time The system is based on state accredited med-pass, using the same symbols and workflow, and limiting staff training