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MedSupport®, combined with the secure Pharmacy HL-7 interface, ensures that medication orders are always up-to-date. This eliminates the need for lengthy end-of-month MAR reviews and quarterly reconciling of orders.

  • Average cost for a printed MAR is $2.50 per page
  • Reprints cost money and must be redelivered to the facility
  • Reduce delivery and transcription errors
  • LTC facilities are projected to grow 6% per year through 2010




No longer print MARs Printing MARs is costly, and a no return proposition
Med changes are instant and MARs are always up to date MARs become out of date due to frequent med changes
The facility now enters and manages treatments and vitals No need to enter non-medication tasks in the systems such as treatments and vitals
Facilities confirm and accept the delivery No delivery confirmation
Capture more beds in existing facilities, or use CareSupport and MedSupport as a recruiting tool Customer retention
Measure service quality by providing quantifiable reports Service and quality