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The CareSupport® Suite 0-60 Implementation is a flexible way to implement the software at each location on your schedule—take 3 months, take a year, you hold the keys.


CaraSolva is pleased to announce that PDC Pharmacy will begin reselling MedSupport® 2.0 in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Colorado. more >>

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CaraSolva’s CareSupport® Module is the foundation to a family of web-based Closed Looped Medication Management Tools. The module includes the main intelligence that drives and automates nursing and caregiver functions. These engines provide securities, auto-schedule events, run reports, schedule calendar functions and manage the customized alerts.

CareSupport® establishes a hierachical structure to set up locations and roles conforming to HIPAA requirements and addressing Federal Privacy Law, preventing employees from seeing unauthorized medical or personal records.

The auto-scheduling engine allows nurses and authorized staff to schedule treatments, DTL (Daily Tasks of Living) and vitals. Medication can be manually scheduled or automatically scheduled through the pharmacy interface. In addition, house tasks and daily chores can also be scheduled for staff.

Client appointments can be scheduled and managed through the calendar engine. Calendar appointment options allow related tasks for the appointment to schedule automatically on the prompt to staff, for example, holding medication prior to a lab, or pre-medicating a client before an appointment.

All of the point-in-time data entered by staff is immediately captured, updated and available on demand through reports from the front office.

In addition, the alert engine is 100% customizable, allowing nurses and management to create and determine when they want to receive medication alerts, vitals or tasks. Messages are received by email or cell phone.