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The CareSupport® Suite of products meet HIPAA compliance by encrypting vital personal data, and allows the facility System Administrator to manage and set up security rules for your facility.

  • Rapid return with low initial investment:  Implementation takes weeks instead of months or years
  • Ongoing free upgrades: this often-overlooked benefit means that customers gain ever-increasing functionality and value from the software for no additional cost or effort
  • Top-to-bottom support: the SaaS provider supports the entire application environment, infrastructure and operations, not just their software
  • Cost visibility and predictability: hidden costs are largely eliminated, along with costly upgrade projects*
  • Reduce omission med errors up to 64%
  • Reduce training for an average medical house from approximately 20 hours to approximately 9 hours
  • Save 16-18 hours per nurse of administration time: give nurses more time to educate and advocate
  • Reduce travel time costs to and from houses because most issues can be managed in place
  • Facilities vary in size and scope: the 0-60 process allows staff to implement at their own pace

*John F. Martin, SaaS Total Cost of Ownership, December 12, 2006.


Providers face unique challenges every day as Medicare and Medicaid coverage fluctuate yearly. Clients suffer the most impact and often providers learn to do more with less—or without. Carasolva is sensitive to these issues and we are resolute to keep our licensing affordable and all inclusive with no hidden costs.

We offer you the best value and the quickest return on your investment, that is why the CareSupport® Suite of products are built as best of breed modules that can be progressively implemented. According to a study by Frost and Sullivan,* the most cost effective automated management system is an Electronic Medical Administration Record. Following this advice, MedSupport® is your best choice.

*Frost and Sullivan: U.S. Closed Loop Medication Management Market 2008.



No need for expensive software licenses, and hardware costs Web-based 24/7 application Software-as-a-Service
Manage the work flow in the houses and addresses accountability with your staff and management Real-time Caregiver Prompting System
Address compliance issues, and quickly respond to new regulations Always compliant reporting
Standardize the training and reduce the time for staff training so that they can be productive faster Standardize care in the house
Reduce costly monthly and quarterly nursing review processes Comprehensive notifications allow for On-going Nursing oversight and review process
Employee retention, life/work balance Web-based system is available from anywhere
No longer be concerned about your paperwork, your data is secured and disaster ready Off-site data
Implement houses on your schedule, The CareSupport® Suite 0-60 Implementation is a flexible way to implement the software at each location on your schedule, take 3 months, take a year, you hold the keys 0-60 Implementation
Online training allows you to train your staff as you need. A simple dedicated online login and password will allow access to your training site Online training
Make better management decisions and address HR issues head on Quantifiable reporting