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Many of the reports from the CareSupport® and MedSupport® modules, as well as the customized alert system, allow management to have quantifiable data to make critical decisions.

CaraSolva’s CareSupport® Module is the foundation to a family of web-based tools, including the main intelligence that drives and automates nursing and caregiver functions. more >>

CaraSolva’s MedSupport® Module focuses on the scheduling of medications, the administration of medication and provides a compliant eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record). more >>

The PharmacySupport Module complements the MedSupport Module by interfacing directly to your pharmacy. more >>


Pre-Installation Consulting—Statement-of-Work

A month before an implementation, a MedSupport consultant will contact you to schedule a SOW (Statement-of-Work). This pre-implementation conference call will prepare your team to implement MedSupport® 2.0, explain the 0-60 Implementation concept, walk you through a preparedness check list and explain the online training, as well as explain when and how to contact technical support.

0-60 Implementation

Our 0-60 Implementation allows your facility to implement MedSupport® as quickly or slowly as you want based on your needs and resources. With MedSupport’s modular approach you are in the driver’s seat and control the “Go Live” switch at your locations.

Online Training

Eliminate the need for staff to take time off their busy schedules to train new employees with our online Training.  Since time is money, allow your employees to train at their desks when they have the time, and without the added costs of an in-house trainer.  With pay-as-you-go, take the courses you want any time you want simply by logging into our more >>Training site with your CareSupport® User Name and Password.  With our annual subscription package, you get at least a 20% discount off the regular price.  You have unlimited access to the training site, and are given a certain number of seats in the Web-based Program Administrator training.

Program Administration Training

Program Administrator training is available to learn how to customize the modules. When you begin with CareSupport® and MedSupport® 2.0 many of the masters in the system will have been pre-set for you based on best practices, but as you grow or potentially add or change services, you may want to customize your application. Call or email us to set up a one-day Web-Based Program Administrator training.  No need to purchase airline tickets and hotel rooms, one day at a location of your conveniece instead of 2 days of travel plus a day for training.

Onsite Training

For larger facilities with multiple regions and locations, onsite training is available upon request.

Disaster Recovery

CaraSolva outsources its services and provides a disaster safe environment for your data. The hardware is housed in a 7/24 365 environment, with redundant ISPs and backup generators. In addition, we have four ways of saving your data:

  1. The production database will be mirrored real-time to the reporting server database on a separate server to always provide two live copies.
  2. The entire server will be backed up as a snapshot at least once a day. These ‘virtual’ servers reside within a physical file on a hard drive and can be copied as a point-in-time snapshot for disaster recovery.
  3. Transactions going into the database will be stored, allowing recovery of the data from the last SQL Server backup of the database.
  4. The entire production database will be backed up via SQL Server Backup each night. This backup can be copied to an external hard drive and stored offsite if required.

Technical Support

CaraSolva technical support is available at (866) 731-4967 Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 5 p.m. (MT) to answer any user or technical questions.


MedSupport currently meets all state regulations for nursing delegation, insuring that your MARs are always compliant.


The CareSupport Suite of products meet HIPAA compliance by encrypting vital personal data. Furthermore, CareSupport allows the facility System Administrator to manage and set up security rules for your facility. All user access to the web-based application is password protected where password rules can be applied and enforced.